What do we offer?

We offer bulk GMB verifications for your business. We can create verified listings in any city nationwide.

How long does it take to verify a listing?

With our current lead time it takes 4-5 days for us to create and verify listings.

How much does it cost?

Listings start at $150 per location, but we do require at least 5 to start. If you order in bulk we can give you big discounts.

Why do I need more than 1 GMB listing?

The more listings you have the more phone calls and new customers you will receive. We currently have clients with over 1000 active GMB listings. Their phone rings off the hook with new clients wanting to hire them.

How many listings do I need for my business?

It just depends on how much new business you want and how much you can handle?

What do I need to provide to you to get started?

We need the list of cities you want verified listings located in. If your service area is a large city like San Diego then you can do anywhere from 10-100 listings.